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Weekly Roundup of Cinch Customer Service Reviews

Every week we scour the internet to find the latest and most informative customer service reviews about Cinch Home Services. Here's our latest:


Please DO NOT throw your hard earned money away with this home warranty company. My refrigerator died on 8/6/20. I have a diabetic son and all of his insulin was ruined overnight. This was supposedly noted as a "medical emergency" by Cinch Home Services at the time. The refrigerator was a Kenmore, so Cinch arranged for a Sears technician who came out on 8/8/20. It is now 11/16/20 and I still have no refrigerator. There have been no updates from Cinch and each time I call I'm told it's being noted as a "medical emergency". Other than this placating gesture, there is no follow up from Cinch at all - I have to keep calling to find out where my case stands. The only communications I've been receiving is from Sears - nothing from Cinch. I go online to look up the status of my case and it isn't updated - it still indicates that the technician has ordered parts. This is the absolute worst customer service experience I've ever had. There is no value added proposition whatsoever. I wouldn't renew with CINCH if you paid me!

RECENT BBB Customer Complaint

Three visits to fix one problem but creat a new, bigger problem With no definitive timeline to address We used the Cinch home warranty company to fix a problem with our furnace. The furnace was blowing ambient air. The Cinch home warranty sent out a repair EMS HVAC Company to fix the problem. The company that came to our home identified a broken part that needed to be ordered so they ordered the part and returned a couple days later to install it. At that time they realized they needed another part so they ordered that part and came out a few days later to replace that. This was the 3rd visit. Upon replacing it, our furnace begin blowing hot air but after they left we felt the house getting very hot. We went to the thermostat and discovered that it had been set to 77° and that the option to turn on the air conditioner had VANISHED. We have a Nest thermostat that has an option for heat and cool. The cool option vanished after the second part was replaced. We contacted the repair company to explain the issue. After explaining it they told us we would need to submit a new service order because this was a problem with the air conditioning not the heater which was our original order. We calmly explained that this was a related issue and insisted that they come out immediately to resolve the problem they created. During this conversation they hung up on us (or possibly disconnected). We called back again and explained the situation again. We received the same explanation. We requested to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was unavailable but were told they would call us back. No call yet. Meanwhile we contacted Cinch home warranty. We were told we would have to wait until the repair company responded with The service summary or something to that effect. In short we now have a bigger problem because are in hot Texas with elderly house guests, no air-conditioning, and no resolution in sight. In a fact they made our problem worse because at least before the furnace was fixed we could use space heaters and have air-conditioning. Now we have only heating and no air. And more importantly no good customer service because we keep getting put on hold, talking to different people, and having to call back, with no scheduled time to get this fixed. This problem was originally reported on October 30, it is now November 6 heading into a weekend and we will probably have to take even more time off work to wait to get a fourth repair visit and risk additional exposure to COVID-19 and the added risk of exposing our elderly parents, especially since they have not worn masks, which we were trying to avoid by getting this fixed before their arrival on Nov 4th.

Desired Outcome

Fix our system immediately, refund service fee, and technicians entering our home wear masks.


Cinch did not give what was promised and what I paid for. What one sales person promised the other said did not exist. Their customer service is horrible. The seem to allow their contractors to prey on customers and charge extra, in my case $1600 which is what other HVAC companies would charge in the first place for the entire service. There is no access to administration to handle conflicts.

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