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Another Virginia Victim of Cinch Home Services - Part 1 of 3

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Hello Fellow Reader:

My name is Christian Nardini and you are probably reading this post having found yourself in a similar situation regarding a Home Warranty with Cinch Home Services. There are numerous others just like you. First and foremost, many people are here and are willing and able to help you in your own situation with Cinch Home Services. You have come to a great website with loads of information that is free to help you! I found this website around the time I began litigation against Cinch Home Services and wish I had found it when my problems began with the Company. Now a little about me and my situation with Cinch:

I am a young single millennial who moved to the Washington D.C. area at the end of 2017, shortly after attending college and graduate school, to begin a new professional career. During COVID, I was able to save up some money and in early to mid 2021, I saw an opportunity with historically low interest rates to make a dream come true and begin the next chapter of my life: Becoming a first-time homeowner.

An out of state family member (who is realtor herself) referred me to a Long and Foster Realtor. This Long and Foster agent guided me through the market and showed me several properties. I found the perfect place just within my budget and was lucky enough to have my offer accepted during the crazy Buyer’s market of 2021. One aspect I was concerned about, with virtually little-to-no spare money left in savings, was what if the worst-case scenario happened and a major appliance were to break early into my home ownership career?

That’s where my Realtor offered me a very intriguing benefit within her office as a first time Homeowner. She proposed entering into a Home Warranty agreement with their affiliate Cinch Home Services (formerly called Long & Foster Home Warranty Plan) and the Base Price to enter into the agreement would be covered for the first year for me on their behalf. While I never heard of Cinch, I was assured they were unique to the industry as they specifically covered HVAC repairs and replacement in their Contract. Now this post/series has nothing bad to say about Long and Foster (the real estate company) or my personal Virginia Realtor; they were great and got me into my dream home within about sixty days of my first showing interest. Who they affiliate themselves with in Home Warranties though is an entirely different matter.

Despite a Home Inspector only six months prior inspecting my HVAC unit and declaring it to perfectly acceptable with “no obvious signs of defect” before I bought the home, in late Spring of 2022, and just before the summer heatwaves, I found my HVAC unit to be faltering and not so slowly dying. I, with some heart/medical issues despite by rather young age, sought immediately to have my cooling (& heating) system rectified. Obviously, I turned to my Home Warranty Company, Cinch. Simply put, Cinch is a nightmare! I actually lost sleep at night as I felt they had kicked me to the curb and left me high, not very dry given the summer’s humidity and literally hot under the collar. Little did I know then, my nightmares with Cinch were just beginning……..……...

Tune into Part 2 of this series where you will see how Cinch handled (or completely failed to handle with, I believe, wanton negligence) my failed HVAC system as well as how this matter has now turned into litigation with a trial pending in Fairfax County Court, VA.


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