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Weekly Roundup of Cinch Customer Reviews

Once a week I scour the internet to find informative reviews involving Cinch Home Services.

Enjoy this week's roundup.

I was told over the phone i'd get $100 off if signing up. When i got the email confirmation i did not see that $100 discount. I also needed an invoice to send to the sellers of the house I am buying but was told there is no invoice per the last support agent i spoke to. really?? So you can send me confirmation on a $700 bill, say its really $600 but then can't produce an invoice? What kind of crap is that! NEVER USING NOR RECOMMMENDING THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE I KNOW OR FUTURE CLIENTS.

This is the worse customer service I have ever seen in my life. It's a big scam with home warranty deductibles. They charged me $100.00 over the phone for the deductible and then refused to fix the issue. $100.00 is diagnostic fee not a deductible for the repair according to customer service. I was paying $69.99 for 3 years and when there is an electricatl issue they denied the claim but still kept $100.00 Unbelievable how they can get away with something like that. It's a complete SCAM.

We had Cinch for a year with a new home purchase. They did replace our fridge, hot water heater tank (that burst and flooded our basement) and a new motor in the dishwasher. However, we just got notice that THEY are canceling US because we used them too much. Also, it took them a WEEK...yes a find someone "in network" to replace our water heater tank. We had to take showers in our backyard (it was summer time) or at our gym. We're looking forward to working with a different company now.

I only had one claim and have had to fight and threaten this company because they immediately were denying my ac claim I will be reporting them to my attorney general and again to BBB. I wish to cancel my warranty They are now telling me I will have to pay the year off if I want to cancel with them?! I cancelled with Choice after only one claim and they did not charge any fee. This company is a scam. In order to fix my AC they wanted $1800 out of my pocket. I payed the one hundred in advance and Sears was sent out at first to deny my claim. I fought and fought and threatened and proved it was not preexisting They reversed the denial but wanted to replace with an inferior ac unit. I have a Trane 18seer. They then just settled with me. I will sue these people if they won’t cancel my cover ntract now without trying to charge me for the whole rest of the year. They never stipulated that if you had a claim you could not back out freely. They lie when they sign you up!

The experience I have had with Sears Home Services-Cinch-Cross Country Home Services what ever you call this company I think is is a bit of bait and switch. I have had problems with my Whirlpool refrigerator for a couple years. Sears sends out a repairman, which usually takes two weeks, they order parts so another two weeks, unless I call Whirlpool directly they get me the parts in one week, so I have lots of spare parts now. But the whole process of getting your appliance repaired is at least a month. But this last time three different techs came out at separate times, so the local repair company is helpful but they have Sears to deal with also. So the last of the three techs sends in a report to replace the refrigerator and Sears send me a message that the claim is denied because of an “overload”. And will not send out another tec for a second opinion. I have been paying my monthly payments for over two years and I guess they figure they need to cut their losses on my three year old refrigerator. Here we go!!! The same old, same old. My warranty no is XXXXXX, so you should be able to find the information on my claim with that. The claim number is XXXXXX5. I contacted another repair service, he came to my house and said if there had been an “overload” the compressor would not be working and that is working. So your claim of an overload is totally bogus. So do whatever you think you need to do to rectify this totally miss managed claim on my warranty. Your whole association from your customer service techs except for one or two, know absolutely nothing about customer service, even the woman that I talked to yesterday (Yzecte) that said she was a manager filling in on the phone lines. was terrible. One of her statements to me, after me telling her she didn’t know how I felt repeated back to me “people are always telling me how they think they know how I feel.” Why would you continue to keep telling people YOU know how they feel? I did talk to one manager, Janice. She was very good and she gave me an email address to try and get this straightened out, but just got a phone call with the same short answer the claim had been denied. Since this I contacted the repair person and he said he wasn’t sure what he said in his claim to replace my appliance, all of the repair people here have been very helpful. And then getting another repair service to look at my refrigerator and he said there was no overload I’m not sure you are able to do anything since nobody with sears, cinch seem to be of any help whatsoever. Oh and by the way, no one in your company seems to be very forthcoming with their name or position with the company, and whenever I ask there is a big pause and sometimes a sigh. Very poor business practices. What is “your team”

Source: Trust Pilot 2020 Reviews

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