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Weekly Cinch Home Services Customer Reviews

Every week we scour the net for informative reviews involving Cinch Home Services. Enjoy this weekly update!

Cinch sent a claim credit buyout check without detailed documentation for a failed HVAC system. This does not cover cost for a similar system. I reported failed system in July 2020. It took two visits from different HVAC companies to convince Cinch that system needed to be replaced. Once agreed, Cinch offered to units (air handler and condenser) that did not match nor were the same brand as existing unit. I was told the inventory was low. I offered to wait until same brand (Goodman) and that Cinch uses became available. I was told "no." I declined the mismatched offer and felt it was disingenuous. I then received a check for $1,263.26 without documentation that was sent to an incorrect address. I've been requesting for over a month detailed information in writing about this check. I paid over $5,000 for a Goodman HVAC replacement system that is comparable to the one that failed and would like to be fully reimbursed for covered expenses. In addition, I've called Cinch repeatedly (phone records to support) and have been put on hold, transferred and hung up on. Never with a call back. They suggest contacting via the web portal, which I've done, also with no response. The customer service and response is just awful! Note: I was just hung up on again today with no call back.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking detailed information for how the claim credit buyout is calculated, full refund for covered expenses for the unit I replaced,revision to the standard operation procedure for addressing customers concerns, and an apology for all the stress Cinch has caused.

Source: BBB

They have the worst service ever. It's taking over 2-months to repair our double oven. The parts arrived within a week, but the technician who was supposed to come the following week had vehicle trouble and re-scheduled for 2-weeks later. Then the 2 guys who came couldn't get the oven out of the cabinet and told me I had to hire a carpenter to cut it out of the cabinet and re-scheduled for 2-weeks later. About 5 minutes after they left I was able to pull it out of the cabinet myself, but they wouldn't return to do the repair. So, 2-weeks later the tech never showed because he got sick, so they re-scheduled for 2-weeks later. Then they never showed again and no one knows why, but they re-scheduled for 2-weeks later. This has been happening for over 2-months and no one is able or willing to help. When I call Cinch, they tell me I have to speak with Sears Home Warranty even though they have all my records. When I call Sears, they don't even know who Cinch is. I hate this company and am canceling my contract.

Source: BBB

Horrible, horrible, horrible. I had a list of questions explaining my home, my well house, and where my well was located. I described it in detail before ever even signing a contract for the full home warranty program. I wrote down the customer service representatives answers. Things that he said were “absolutely “covered. It ended up that some of those things were not covered at all. Blatant upfront lies of what coverage will be. Now I am very worried about faulty wiring in my kitchen, with my kitchen lights not working correctly. Sears home warranty is unable to find anyone within two hours distance of my home to provide a service. An electrical company two hours away came to fix my electrical problem, and we thought it was fixed, but shortly afterward, is worse with both kitchens light switches now not working correctly. I am terrified there could be a fire in my home because of this. Sears home warranty is fighting tooth and nail to NOT reimburse the electrical company to come (from 2 hours away) and assess and repair whatever the issue is. They are asking service providers to LOSE money on their jobs. They do not care about the safety of their customers, nor their own integrity or morals. One star is too high of a rating for me.

Source: Best Company

Cinch Home Services is a SCAM. Their motto is blame the customer and not to pay! NO STARS! I signed up with Cinch on 08/19/2020 and my contract became active on 09/19/2020. On or around September 22nd the breaker to my AC outside unit was tripping and the inside unit was blowing strong but because the outside was off there was no cold air coming in. We reset the breaker and it would work again for a few nights. My neighbor is a licensed AC tech and he concluded after diagnostics that he thought it well may be the compressor going. In such a case I knew I needed to make an appointment with Cinch. I knew I was maintaining my AC system as I just recently had my coils removed and cleaned and I also have proof that it was done October 16th 2020 by WorldClass AC of St Cloud Florida American Home Shield actually paid for the cleaning dispatch # was XXXXXXXXX MyPlan member # with Cinch is XXXXXXX and I payed $100 in advance for them to send that sham off a Sears technician out here on October 3rd 2020 with full intention to come up with any reason to deny my claim. When Dereck the Sears tech arrived he immediately went over to my in garage air handler and asked if I had a Chanel lock and he started milling through my husband's tools. He said he did not feel like walking a few paces out to the driveway to his own truck. I was already alarmed by his nerve but stayed cool. He then proceeded to use my husband's tool and I asked why he was in the garage when the unit outside was failing. In his arrogance he proceeded top tell me how uneducated I was and that my coils inside being dirty were the cause of then compressor dying. I admit the coils inside were somewhat dirty but not enough for it to have ever frozen or caused water and I told him that less than a year ago I had the coils removed and taken outside to clean. He had the nerve to retort that I would be surprised at how many fraudulent invoices were submitted. I explained again that American Home Shield actually did pat World Class to do the job and I could prove it. I even have cameras. So he shrugged me off and said that they did a bad job. He proceeded to tell me that he called Cinch and they were denying my claim due to the fact that I only was with them for two weeks and that it was preexisting. I called customer service at Cinch and they told me that they were denying my claim due to neglect of maintenance that was to be performed once yearly. Well it was performed. Today, October 6th 2020 I sent many emails to *************** as I spoke with management yesterday to ask for the denialism;l to b e review upon evidence and decision overturned. They also requested I send a diagnosis from a different licensed company and I did. It says that the coils were not that bad and that the compressor went due to age. I have read the reviews and complaints about this company and will be calling my news.

Desired Outcome

I just want my compressors replaced and I am a person with breast cancer and anemia. It is 90 degrees in my house now. I need these liars to stop lying to people. They promised me the world and gave me garbage. I am not lying about the maintenance that was done less than a year ago. I need an apology for their unprofessionalism. They also charged me $100 to come out and do nothing. They charged me before they even came out. Their impersonal and told me I could not speak with the authorization department. I need mt AC back on and I am calling my local news. They will do a story on Cinch. Bottom line I need their decision to deny deny deny overturned.

Source: BBB

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