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REAL Cinch Customer Reviews

Every week I try to spotlight REAL Cinch customer reviews I discover from around the internet. Here is the latest weekly edition.

October 2020 (Google Review)

I have had Total Protect (now Cinch Home Services) insurance for over 30 years. Until very recently, it proved reasonably reliable; the name change apparently portended other change, as a recent problem with my house heater made clear. I was denied coverage because one problem in my heater had led to another problem in the same heater, which was interpreted as consequential damage! This is a wild stretch of the contractual restriction. I took my complaint to Small Claims Court; Cinch would not sign for receipt of the summons! Evasion of representing themselves? What kind of responsible organization does that? They will take your money, but that's all. Don't buy this insurance, because is isn't insurance: it's a cinch to take your money.

September 2020 (Google Review)

I put 3 service orders with Cinch back in June. They email back they could find local vendors and want me to look for my own local vendor. When local vendor call in for the service request ID and let the Specialist know their company they can provide a billing on how much it's going to cost: parts, labors, inspection etc. The Specialist Agent was not happy and she want the billing in full detail what needs to be done etc from start to finished job. My local vendor rep told the Specialist Agent that not how their company handle billing. The Specialist Agent flat-out told my vendor guy on the phone that she can not work with the vendor if they can't provide detailing steps for the job request. Cinch never follow up on the service request ID I open or anything and two service request never completed. I end up $800 out of pocket money for the water heater problem Cinch never took care of. Do I want to recommend Cinch to anyone. NO way I recommend Cinch to anyone, they have the worst customer service specialist to work with. Glad I cancelled my services with them as of today!

September 2018 (BBB Review)

If I could rate them any lower, I would. We filed a claim on our refrigerator in May after purchasing the home and the home warranty in April. They sent out the technician in a timely manner, but that was the only thing that was done correctly. After the technician diagnosed the issue, they informed us that HMS had denied the claim. When we called HMS to find out why they denied the claim, they stated that they did not deny the claim, and that it was still an open ticket. This went back and forth for months until July when I finally got them to transfer me to a supervisor. She stated that this was unacceptable and that she would do everything in her power to get this rectified. It is now the end of September and I still have not heard anything. She won’t answer any email I send her and refuses to respond. I am still told by HMS that it is an open claim; however, when I call the service provider they state it was denied and in fact is now a closed ticket as HMS has paid them. So we paid our $100 deductible and have received no resolution; and because they tell us it’s still an open ticket, they don’t have to refund our $100 deductible back to us. And our refrigerator is still not working properly. We also paid for the home warranty contract that is obviously not going to assist us with any home repair needs. This company is fraudulent, and unethical. No one should ever do business with them.

Stay safe and take care of your appliances.

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