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More Cinch Home Services Customer Reviews

Every week we scour the internet to find insightful reviews from real Cinch Home Services customers. Come check out the latest weekly roundup.

Daniel Thomas (Google Review)

I left a BBB review for these guys a few days ago. To date, they have 1.52 stars out of 5 across 700 reviews on and I am floored that it is that high. My BBB review states: “Cinch is an absolute nightmare to work with, in every sense of the word. Their customer service folks are expert obstructionists who only aim to make every step of the process so overwhelmingly difficult, that you give up out of sheer frustration. The one and only thing that has been a "cinch" is my decision not to renew my plan. What an absolutely awful experience this has all been!” They reached out to my email and asked for the root cause of my review. This is what I sent in response: “The root cause of my BBB review was the service I received from your company while working through the only 2 service orders I have placed: [redacted] and [redacted]. Specifically, I encountered what I firmly believe to be intentional and malicious resistance at every.. single.. step of the process. To me, there is no question that this is true. I just wish I had a larger audience and the means to prove it on a class-action scale. What I experienced with your company was not a lone, untrained agent. It was not a simple mix up. Those things happen and, while they are frustrating, they are understandable. What I experienced with your company was a deliberate, systematic obstruction of the services I paid for. What your company is doing is wrong and while I do not have the time or the means to bring your company to justice, I will certainly not be doing business with you for a minute longer than I must. It is but a drop in the bucket, I know. In my first draft of this email, I began transcribing the specifics of each case. What I found was that I was spending far more time on you than your company ever has on me...and that is not a fair trade. I have decided to end my email here and get back to spending time with my family.”

Perry Ashford (Google Review)

If you are in the market to be cheated, swindled and lied to, these are your people. Waited almost three months for the repair of my refrigerator. Now my furnace is out and got lied to right from the beginning. Called the vendor that was to come out the next day as the vendor confirmed, they never heard of me, and cannot accept appointment for two weeks. Called Cinch back and got hung-up on by Meline 8DEC20. Called back and spoke to Jenny and lied to again with fictitious phone to reach another vendor. Terrible customer service and no options when emergency service is required. I live in Upstate NY and without a furnace and then being told someone will contact you in 24 to 48 hours? Seriously NO FURNACE and this is the service I'm paying for. Then to be told, I could look for a service my self, pay them and look for a reimbursement from Cinch? Seriously, you think I'd trust that? Like I said, if you are looking to be lied too, swindled, cheated and delayed, Cinch Home Services is the Home Warranty company you need. If that is not the case, for the sake of your sanity and you pocket book, look elsewhere and I mean anywhere else!!

Ruby Z (BBB Review)

I am extremely dissatisfied with this company. I began the process of getting my washing machine repaired on 24 September 2020. The machine was deemed unrepairable on October 22. The company then sent me an email asking if I wanted a new machine or did I want a check for $392.00 instead. I opted for the check so I could purchase a machine of my choice. I called the customer service number in mid November since I had not received a check. I was transferred to 5 different people and got a different answer from each. I spent 40 minutes on the phone. I was finally told the check had been cut on 27 October and I should be receiving it shortly. GUESS WHAT....I have not yet received it.!! I subsequently cancelled my contract with your company and I would NEVER recommend you to anyone else!!!!!

Susan B (BBB Review)

I received a home warranty from Cinch icw a home purchase. I put a claim in for AC work in July 2020, and as of now, Dec 2020, I still have no date for repair. They have lied to me about part supply, and when I escalate and ask for a supervisor there "none available", and promises of callbacks do not happen. Their call centers have script responses designed to end conversation, not to resolve the problem. Steve Upshaw is their Chief Executive Officer, and Chris Askew is their COO. Grifters. I can't tell you the hours I have spent on the phone trying to resolve this, I'm guessing they simply will run out the clock and I'll be SOL. I also put in an electrical request but they "have no electricians" in our area. No electricians? Their reputation must be well known. This company is horrible to work with. Horrible.

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17. Aug. 2021

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences with Cinch and the contact list. The company is indeed a scam!!!

Gefällt mir
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