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Customer Complaints - BBB - for Cinch Home Services

This weekend I completed my first ever Better Business Bureau review against Cinch Home Services. I was honest and forthright about the instances surrounding my claim with Cinch. I encourage anyone reading this to also ensure you are also filing a customer complaint against Cinch. Cinch has closed 3,204 complaints in the last three years. Cinch has a financial motivation to close BBB complaints quickly because those affect the company’s rating which is currently at a B+. So filing a BBB complaint should be Step #1 as you attempt to resolve your own claim with Cinch. Unfortunately, it seems that that is the only way to get the company’s attention to elicit the proper response.

See below for entire BBB review:

In February of this year the HVAC in my home started to go out. It produced a horrible rattling noise and burning smell. Some nights it was so bad we felt it prudent to turn off the whole system. We had very, very cold nights as a result. However, I wasn’t worried as I had Cinch Home Services as my home warranty provider. They sold me on their extended warranty plan on the fact that I had an older HVAC and it would give me peace of mind knowing they covered it 100%. I called Cinch to come out and take a look. A service technician from Cinch came out and did not find anything wrong. But he strongly encouraged me to have my regular HVAC company come out and take a look. So I called them and they were able to come out three weeks later. Their assessment was my entire HVAC was failing and it should be replaced. Very different from the Cinch technician. So my wife and I replaced the system. Then we called Cinch for reimbursement with our home warranty #10249249. Cinch took less than 24 hours to deny us because we did not follow our handbook. My wife and I never received a handbook.

Since then I’ve experienced the same runaround and lies that everyone else has mentioned. And up until this horrible experience, I thought Cinch was a pretty good company. I had to file a civil suit locally here in Virginia and there is this local law firm that Cinch is spending thousands of dollars on to try to bury me in litigation. But I’m fighting for my family and I started a blog to chronicle my journey: Feel free to check it out and if you want me to include your nightmare experience on my blog just send me an email at If I get enough interest maybe we can join together in a class action against Cinch.

In the meantime if you are having a similar horrible experience as me, I strongly recommend you file a customer complaint ( and then a customer review ( with the Better Business Bureau. I’m kicking myself a little for not doing that first because Cinch is financially motivated to resolve customer complaints because those are the ones that negatively impact its rating. Customer Reviews have no impact on the letter grade rating for Cinch, but you should leave a customer review as well if you are motivated to do so. The company is currently at a B+ rating so if everyone started funneling their respective grievances into the customer complaint portal for the BBB then the rating should plummet. So tell your friends and encourage your neighbors to hold Cinch accountable.

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Steven Magaro
Steven Magaro
Jan 28

In July 2023 during dangerous heat levels, the A/C failed in a rental home with a single mother and child.

Cinch took over 120 days to complete the service. During this time, I had to provide supplemental A/C as required by law and because it took so long to repair, the same failing was exposed to freezing temperatures later when the seasons changed, and the repair/replacement was still not completed.

Cinch also acquired two estimates. Charged me for the higher and used the contractor with the lower estimate, while providing no refund. After all these breaches of contract, and delays, and incorrect billings, the representative will not cancel the contract. I wrote to the CEO and have an account manag…


Jun 15, 2021

This company is a rip off and scam. Requested a repair in April and they came out and did not fix. Then had to pay another service call for schedule a 2nd visit and they were supposed to be back with a part on May 17. The service tech was a no show and did not call. On May 25th I called Cinch and the service repair where I was told that the part was no longer manufactured and appliance could not be repaired. Talked to Cinch again and they were going to send an email in 2 business days for a replacement or payment. Did not receive anything. Called back on June 4th and had to start a…

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