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Hi, you found my blog, Cinch Home Services Scam Blog.

I'm just an ordinary dad trying to fight the home warranty industry and figure out why my claim was denied.

Welcome to my blog. If you found this then you're just like me, a regular homeowner that Cinch denied a claim to. Like you, I've been on the phone with them a LOT trying to convince someone to approve my claim. Finally, I got plain ole fed up and filed a claim in small claims court. Follow my journey through small claims court and hopefully I can help you as well.

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Have fun!

Remember to have fun and enjoy the little moments!

Motion for Protective Order

Cinch Home Services keeps trying to cover up the truth. Check out this latest Motion for Protective Order!

Cease and Desist - Part II

Some tips on how to respond to a Cease and Desist letter from Cinch Home Services.


Check out the official "CEASE AND DESIST" letter from Cinch Home Services!

Customer Service - the most valuable currency

...good customer service is the secret Mumbo Sauce for any business...So Cinch Home Services should focus on treating people like...people.

My HVAC went Kaput

Cinch Home Services had sold us on their plan specifically in case our HVAC failed. So Cinch had our back, right? Right?! Right…

I'm Going to Court!

Yay, I’m going to court! If you found my site, then you’re like me. A homeowner with a home warranty with Cinch Home Services. And just...

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